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Our Mission:  To promote transparent and effective government in DeKalb County by encouraging strong citizen engagement at neighborhood, county and legislative levels.

February 26, 2019:
Our New City Opposition forum with our partners Neighbors against Greenhaven, and Concerned Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven was a wonderful success!

You can watch the video recording here:

Yard signs are available now.  We have people who are delivering signs quickly as we can.  You can click the image below to go directly to our yard sign order page.

Current Map for the Vista Grove proposal.  As of the beginning of the 2019 Legislative session, they’re looking for a new sponsor.

vista grove small map

Here is a link to an interactive map of Vista Grove

Here is the original bill filed by Tom Taylor in the 2018 session: HB_1001 Vista Grove

Vista Grove feasibility study by Carl Vinson Institute:  Vista Grove Feasibilty Study

Lavista Hills donors FINALLY revealed.

Our analysis of the big money donations flowing into LaVista Hills from outside of DeKalb County can be found here.

Longtime DeKalb leader Liane Levetan weighs in on cityhood.

Editorial by former DeKalb County CEO Liane Levetan, published October 22, 2015:
Liane Levetan editorial

liane photo
Ms. Levetan was the DeKalb County CEO from 1993-2000.

Debate between DeKalb Strong and Lavista Hills, September 30, 2015

Cityhood has failed as a solution to DeKalb problems. We support smart reforms that actually address the root of the problem instead of adding extra layers of government.