Get ready to vote in November!

Please pardon the long post, but I have something I really want to share.

I am so happy tonight.

When I first started following this issue in fall of 2013 and keeping a little blog of my thoughts, I never dreamed that barely over a year later, I would be part of such a vibrant, effective, and strong organization fighting to preserve my home.

We had three major issues we were pushing this session: the three DeKalb reform bills, fighting Atlanta annexation, and fighting the new cities. We went 2 for 3. I am thrilled at getting 60% of what we want, considering that we are talking about the Georgia General Assembly.

We have taken a big step on the road to REAL reform of DeKalb County—reform that new cities, thus far, have failed to deliver. We forestalled, at least for now, an annexation that would have been devastating for our schools. Now, people in this area can have clarity when voting on whether or not we want to add to our government, without worrying that they must vote yes because people in Atlanta will be voting yes. And we have a good chance to stop the Atlanta annexation totally if we vote down LaVista Hills and Tucker, and end the idea that we all must end up in cities whether we like it or not.

But do you know what I am happiest about? I’ve spent three long months trekking down to the Capitol, listening to legislators say that our community is a terrible place they are glad they don’t live, that they want to ‘crush’ it. No more Gold Dome. This feels like a homecoming.

Now I can work for this cause in the beautiful and vibrant community that I love. Now I have the opportunity to get to know even more of my incredibly diverse neighbors, and open up hundreds of new conversations about why this place is so special, and why we shouldn’t let it fall apart.

We need a lot of help. We are not going to have the funding or the political expertise of our opponents. But this isn’t a big, partisan race. This is an argument that we are going to win neighbor to neighbor, at backyard barbecues and block parties and swim meets and PTA meetings. We are committed to providing our wonderful network of supporters with the resources that you need to help with these conversations, so please let us know what you need.

We are only just beginning.