What we believe

We have all the Government we need.


There is NO government that is perfect.  DeKalb County government is not perfect. It has had significant issues in the past with ethics and corruption. Although there is still plenty of work to do, recent citizen engagement has led to better quality elected representatives, a more functional government, and a stronger ethics environment. If citizens continue focusing energy on creating an ethical and responsive DeKalb government, recent trends will continue.

We have been experimenting with creating new cities for twelve years now, and they have not been effective in improving DeKalb County government. We  do not need to waste any more time on the cityhood “solution” which has  been proven to be a failed strategy.  Creating a new city will dilute vitally needed citizen energy and thereby redirect a portion of that energy to monitoring another level of government.  Fix DeKalb first!

Despite  what cityhood proponents would try to make you believe: moving tax revenue away from the county to pay for new cities hurts the county and increases the overall cost of government for all of us.  It  hurts all of us to have most of our services provided by a county that has huge areas that have been left unfeasible by haphazard city formation. In addition, no government is without costs–an additional governmental entity is not free, and in fact siphons off million of taxpayer dollars to pay for more politicians, more lawyers, more bureaucrats and more government buildings and infrastrucute. None of this leads to improved and more efficient government.  Fix DeKalb first!

If  cityhood is indeed inevitable, it must be pursued in a comprehensive  and equitable manner that looks at county-wide effects instead of allowing small, self-interested groups to grab land and pit neighborhoods against one another.  The legislature also needs to improve the cityhood process so that communities that have already voted a clear NO are not repeatedly drug into cityhood battles.